Important Genealogical Links

Genealogical links

Homepage and family tree of the family Michael H. Gramenz.

Official homepage of the Mormons for family history and genealogical records.

Archiwa Państwowe

Online research in Polish archives with scanned churchbooks and other resources.

The Poznan Project

Churchbook data of marriages in the former province Posen.

Posen Genealogy

Official homepage of the Posen-L mailing list.

Back to the Roots in Deutsch Krone

Homepage for genealogy in the former district Deutsch Krone, Neumark.

Evangelical Central Archive in Berlin

Homepage of the Evangelical Central Archive in Berlin.


Source for saved genealogical data of Jews mainly from Eastern Europe.
Home of the ShtetlSeeker - a search tool for names of former villages.

Virtual Shtetl

Homepage of the Museum of History of Polish Jews.
Source for former Jewish communities in Poland.

Search for location and today's names of former German populated villages and cities in Middle and Eastern Europe.

International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG)

The International Society of Genetic Genealogy

Gramenz Family Facebook Group

The Gramenz Family Facebook Group.

Gramentz Family Facebook Group

The Gramentz Family Facebook Group.