Genealogy of the Gramenz Family

Gramenz Genealogie To my granny Marga, my replacement granny Erna and my great-granny Frieda whose secret made all our lives possible. To Hermann who gave us his name and covered us.
And to all of those who knew it and have remained silent so strictly for so long under all circumstances.
Margarete und Karl Gramenz
Margarete "Tosca" and Karl Gramenz (ca. 1935)

My interest in genealogy is already 25 years old and is based on pure curiosity where our Gramenz ancestors used to live before. Basis of our first family tree were the memories of my grandmother Margaret "Tosca" Minna Johanna Gramenz nee Zimmermann. After the reunion of Germany we had the luck to get to know our dear relative and my replacement granny Erna Kunst nee Bleck. Just before her end of life she recorded fortunately the entire Bleck family tree - the branch of my great-grandmother Frieda Ottilie Gramenz nee Bleck. Too bad that these two women no longer exist.

Thanks to later possibilities of the Internet, the churchbook films and even the DNA genealogy the image of our ancestors has now completed more or less. And at the end it has revealed after exactly 100 years the long kept secret that our surname is not really Gramenz. Although it was an odyssey to get to know it.

As dusty as the reputation of family research may seem for one or the other: genealogy can sometimes hold big surprises and makes history come alive.

Meanwhile I am researching all other Gramenz families with any other reasonable spelling variations too. And there are a lot of us.

If Your surname is Gramenz, Grammenz, Gramentz, Grammentz, Gramens, Gramintz, Gramins, Graminz, Graumenz or Graumünz or is one in this list, You are welcome to contact me.

If you think there could be a kinship You can check this right here online via the person's name in question or You could contact me directly here.

If You already passed a genealogical Y-DNA test for a person with the surname Gramenz or with a similar spelling, You can check the Gramenz DNA Project, if there is a genetical kinship with our southern branch of the Gramenz North Posen Group B, with a northern branch of the Gramenz Pomerania Group A or with a northern branch of the Gramenz South Posen Group C.