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Gramenz DNA Project Results

Gramenz DNA Project Results

As expected the results of the Gramenz DNA and surname project are very diverse.

By now male Gramenz lines belong to the following Y-DNA haplogroups: R1a1a, E1b1b1*
By now female Gramenz lines belong to the following mtDNA haplogroups: V, HV12, T1

Our family has passed several genealogical Y-DNA and mtDNA tests just for fun. In contrast to the other results the result of our Y-DNA - that is the paternal Gramenz line - was as clear as surprising. The haplotype could be associated certainly to an ancient people. We have also found a genetic cousin with a genetic distance of only 3 at 67 tested STR markers. With a certainty of 94% we share a common male ancestor up to the 12th generation. He also affirmed the result of the membership of the ancient people.

A recently performed Y-DNA test of another Gramenz line has shown that our two lines are not related. However, an indication was found that the ancestors of both lines may have been connected neighborly once.

Another Y-DNA test of a member of a northern branch of the Gramenz South Posen Group C has shown that the C3 Steindorf Gramenz line is related to most of the members of the Nort Posen Group and maybe even to all of them.

If You have already passed a Y-DNA test You can check right here online if there is a possibility of kinship:

The result is absolutely anonymous for non-members.

Y-DNA STR-Marker Check
DYS 393
DYS 390
DYS 19/394
DYS 19b
DYS 391
DYS 385a
DYS 385b
DYS 426
DYS 388
DYS 439
DYS 389-1
DYS 392
DYS 389-2
DYS 458
DYS 459a
DYS 459b
DYS 455
DYS 454
DYS 447
DYS 437
DYS 448
DYS 449
DYS 464a
DYS 464b
DYS 464c
DYS 464d
DYS 464e
DYS 464f
DYS 464g
DYS 460
DYS 456
DYS 607
DYS 576
DYS 570
DYS 442
DYS 438
DYS 531
DYS 578
DYS 395S1a
DYS 395S1b
DYS 590
DYS 537
DYS 641
DYS 472
DYS 406S1
DYS 511
DYS 425
DYS 413a
DYS 413b
DYS 557
DYS 594
DYS 436
DYS 490
DYS 534
DYS 450
DYS 444
DYS 481
DYS 520
DYS 446
DYS 617
DYS 568
DYS 487
DYS 572
DYS 640
DYS 492
DYS 565
DYS 461
DYS 462
DYS 635
DYS 441
DYS 445
DYS 452
DYS 463
DYS 434
DYS 435
DYS 485
DYS 494
DYS 495
DYS 505
DYS 522
DYS 533
DYS 549
DYS 556
DYS 575
DYS 589
DYS 636
DYS 638
DYS 643
DYS 714
DYS 716
DYS 717
DYS 726